What is Malware and How to Prevent It for Security?

Malware is malicious software that can break into your digital devices secretly, giving cyber attackers access to your data and causing damage to your devices or networks. It has become a growing threat to our digital world. It is commonly recognized as “virus”, however, a virus is only one types of malware, troll down to get to know more about it.

Different kinds of Malwares you need to know

What is virus?

Virus is a kind of malwares that replicates itself by inserting its code in the place of the computer code over and over again, once it’s successfully getting in, the infected file will also spread to other systems that in the same network. It is the most well-known malware as it is quite common. Not only can it damages your computer system but even causes physical damage to your devices.

What is Trojan horse?

Trojan horse is one of the most common malware. This name comes from Greek mythology. The story tells that. It disguises itself as an innocent download or a valid file and then sneaks into your computer system. After you stall it, it starts its attack and accesses your data, passwords, banking details.

What is Rookit?

Rookit is a malicious malware that can hide in applications and get into your computer. Once it gets the admin privileges of your computer, it can do anything that it wants without being detected.

What is spyware?

Spyware is a software that spies on users data such as banking details or passwords, chat history, browsing history or any other personal information or traffic on their devices. Some cyberattackers even sell spyware as people will buy it from them to spy on their children, spouses and employees.

What is ransomware?

Ransomeware is something to do with ransome. The way it works is that the software gets into your computer, encrypt your confidential data and documents in the system. It commonly happens among the health care industry. Once got attacked, people or companies who own the files and documents need to pay for ransom to regain what has been locked by the attackers.

In 2016, a Hollywood hospital was attacked and paid $17,000 ransom to have its networks restored.

What is Worm?

Worm is not like other ones that could make great damage to your devices or network. Simply put, it can replicate itself for spreading the infection to other vulnerable systems without any actions taken by the users. It could possibly spread the infection by emails once they gain access to your contact book.

What is wiper malware?

Wiper malware is a software that hacked into your system and then destroys or delete all of your data.

What is keylogger?

Keylogger steals your key information. The way it steals your privacy is to track your keystrokes and then save them in a hidden file, later on, this file will be sent to the attacker automatically. It disguises itself as some useful app and installs itself automatically without users taking any actions.

How to protect yourself from malwares? – 5 ways to a safer 2020

To help you fight against malware, there are some practices that could be used as your weapons.

Read with a sharp eye and visit legitimate sites only

Don’t click on pop-ups or suspicious URL that looks similar with real ones, and be careful with the fake ”x”. Only visit those legitimate sites with a good reputation.

Install trustworthy anti-virus and anti-malware software

It is not hard to understand that it might be the easiest way to use a tool to help you fight against the malware.

Updated your operating system regularly

Many people might neglect this point as it seems quite easy to do. I guess many people postpone it when the updating notification pops out, or even close it and never let it shows. You could put your computer into risk as those developers who have built the system are persons who know where the potential vulnerabilities are and try to patch up them before it’s too late.

Back up your files and data regularly

Use trustworthy cloud back up service, which has strong encryption and can help you back up important files automatically and regularly so you don’t need to do that manually.

Secure your network connection with a safe VPN

A VPN(Virtual Private Network) is equipped with strong encryption tech to protect your privacy and personal data. By creating an encrypted tunnel to cover up your IP address and online traffic, it is a fantastic tool to help you stay hidden online without being “watched” by attackers.


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