The best free password manager 2019

A password manager is an essential part of your online security arsenal as more and more software and services are moved to the cloud.

If you reuse the same credentials for multiple websites and services, they can all be attacked by a security breach or a successful phishing attack.Simple passwords that are easy to remember are often easy to crack as well.

A password manager solves both problems, generates complex, unpredictable passwords for your accounts, stores them all in an encrypted vault, andautomatically completes registration forms for you.

Some password managers and generators store your encrypted credentials on your hard disk while others upload your data to their own servers so that they can access them from any device connected to the Internet.With this list, we’ve put together the best of both worlds to give you a comprehensive list of the best password managers you can use today.


Free, secure password creation and storage for all your accounts.


Superb password security for all web browsers and devices.

3.Keeper Security

The strict security level your passwords deserve.


A great desktop password manager with free mobile apps

5.KeePass Password Safe

A customizable password manager for experienced users.

6.Sticky Password

Password management by the AVG Antivirus experts.

7.Iolo ByePass

A reduced version of the premium password manager from Iolo ByePass.

8.Firefox Lockwise

Save storage and synchronization for Firefox on multiple devices.

And with the using of Password Manager, I also recommend you to use a VPN service at the same time since a VPN can encrypt your traffic so that no one can know any of your passwords. And I recommend one of the best VPN – RitaVPN I use, with RitaVPN your password won’t be hacked.