How to prevent Facebook track you with a VPN?

There is a reason why “they can hear you” has become one of the most used phrase when it comes to Facebook. Even if you don’t access Facebook through your browser or have a Facebook account, this social media platform can track your browsing history within seconds. Ever looked up “hike vacation” on your phone and suddenly start getting bombarded with ads for holiday packages on Facebook?

As sophisticated as the Facebook algorithm is, there is a way to stop snooping and protect your information from being viewed, tracked, or disclosed. With the recent scandals surrounding Cambridge Analytica, you definitely want to cover your tracks and keep your most valuable information to yourself. In this article, you will learn how to select the best and most reliable VPN to stop Facebook tracking, give you our best VPN recommendations, and explain other key benefits of using a VPN online for security and bypassing regional blocks.

Choosing the best VPN for stopping Facebook tracking

Considering the power of Facebook and its tracking capabilities, a garden-variety VPN won’t cut it. Having said that, with the amount of different providers on the market today, it’s hard to differentiate mediocre services from the high-quality ones. In order to narrow it down for you and make the choice as simple as possible, we have created a list of the most crucial features in a VPN that will help you stop Facebook from lurking around your personal information and data.

Strong Encryption – Encryption securely hides all your activities and personal information from any interested third party. Choose a VPN provider that uses military encryption such as 256-bit AES to prevent Facebook from tracking your activity and tracing it to your identity.

No-Logging Policy – A sound no-logging policy ensures that no logs are stored about your data, including browsing history, IP addresses, and timestamps. It helps you avoid being caught not only by facebook, but also by your isp or even the government.

Device Compatibility – Make sure that the VPN provider has dedicated apps for all of your devices and operating systems that you use for Facebook, so they will not be tracked on your phone, computer, tablet, and so on.

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