How to manage privacy settings on Facebook?

Since Facebook used to share users’ data with third parties, it is essential for users themselves to manage privacy settings.

Data brokers such as Partner Categories that Facebook used to have on its advertising section, can aggregate monetizable information from users. For example, people’s purchases, household income, and other characteristics that the Partner Categories tool matched with Facebook users for advertisers.

In 2018, Facebook shut down this data broker to improve users’ privacy, however, user themselves sometimes are not aware of that the information they put on Facebook is not even safe when they could protect the privacy to a large extent with the privacy settings, it may seem like a task with a lot of clicks, but we cannot always count on others.  Ourselves, should always keep vigilant and don’t share too much personal data on social media. Right now is the best time to do the privacy settings, don’t save the web page in your bookmarks that you will never read, don’t postpone, and now it is time to get it done.

Part 1 “Apps Settings”

You can see all the apps that have access to your Facebook account on the “App Settings” page. To avoid them using data you have on your Facebook, you can disable or remove the link between them.

Steps: Go to the “Settings” menu, and then click “Apps and Websites.” 

Choose the one you want to remove.

But what should be noted is you won’t be able to log into apps or websites using Facebook if you turn off the preference of the ability of apps or games to interact with Facebook.

Part 2 “Your Ad Preferences

Go to the “Settings” menu, and then click “Your Ad Preferences”. We suggest you to set the “Advertisers and Businesses”.

As the list are those advertisers who have run an ad in the past seven days using a list uploaded to Facebook containing your information, making sure you hide all ads from those advertiser you don’t recognize or don’t use.

Part 3 “Privacy Settings”

Set who can see your activity or find your contact in this part. Make sure your profile information (including your friend list, phone number, photos, posts what can be seen by the public and what is only for friends.

Part 4 “Access Your Information”

A new security feature, called “Access Your Information” is launched, it categorizes this information by type so you can easily find what you’re looking for. For example, your posts, comments, likes, links, login information, search history, location and so on.

Last words- an extra layer of protection

Now you have finished the “trip” of privacy settings. For privacy-conscious users, we also suggest you level up your protection by using a VPN if you want to secure your online identity from the third parties or advertiser. A VPN, virtual private network, masks your IP address and hides your online traffic, giving you an extra layer of protection. A VPN also masks your ISP activities, which can mean quicker connection speeds and a positive solution to throttling bandwidth.

What we recommend here is RitaVPN. RitaVPN is equipped with the highest grade of the encryption, what’s more, it also implements a built-in killswitch and DNS leak protection on the apps. It is said the safest VPN according to customers reviews. Also, it passes all the DNS leak tests and very easy to use. With the safest service you can get, it’s free and also provides unlimited bandwidth for users.


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