Best VPN for UAE Dubai Etisalatin in 2020 | Everything You Need to Know

Network surveillance in the UAE & Dubai is severe, free access to chat apps and other restricted websites due to strict restrictions is almost impossible. If you’re looking for solutions to unblock websites due to geo-restricted regulations, or stay safe and hidden from other unwanted attention, turning on a VPN is your best bet. A safe VPN(Virtual Private Network) on your iPhone or other digital devices helps you to access web content and apps safely without stressing about it. Here is everything you need to know to get the best VPN for the UAE in this guide.

About VPN

A VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a crucial technology and has been widely used in this digital world. The VPN is to create a tunnel, through which the routed and encrypted connection to the internet can be hidden, allows you to bypass location-based IP blocking and access blocked content while protecting you from undue access internet censorship, no matter where you physically are.

Why do you need a VPN for UAE?

Internet Liberty in the UAE

Reporters Without Borders, a non-profit, non-governmental organization headquartered in Paris that conducts political advocacy on issues related to freedom of information and the press, has classified the UAE as “Under Surveillance” since 2008.

Throughout recent years, social media apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, FaceTime and Skype, the use of their calling feature has been prohibited in the UAE. The National reported in this November that the UAE is planning to lift the ban on WhatsApp calls, but it seems there’s still a long way to go for UAE residents until that day.

However, a reliable VPN on your iPhone or other digital devices allows you to access web content and apps securely without worrying about it. Here are the benefits of using a VPN.

Geo-Free Browsing & Streaming

Using a VPN for the UAE you can get around these roadblocks and access the content blocked due to geo-restriction regulations or access practically any available web resource. Social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and free porn sites can be accessed without revealing your online activities to anyone else. It is ideal for streaming geo-restricted media content on Netflix US, BBC iplayer, Hulu etc. freely and securely from anywhere.

100% Internet Liberty

Avoid eavesdropping and hacking with a VPN allows us to speak our mind and communicate freely on the internet without worrying our privacy is leaked to others.

Torrenting Anonymously

If you are looking to stay anonymous whilst torrenting, since a VPN can mix your real IP address with other thousands of ones, you can rest assured to stay anonymous while torrenting with VPNs.

DISCLAIMER: We do not encourage illegal copyright infringement and illicit torrenting in any way, but we do understand that a lot of people can only get access to things they need (work files, educational videos, school manuals, entertainment, etc.) by using torrents.

Secure your Wi-Fi Connection

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi can put you at risk, public Wi-Fi in cafés, hotels, shopping malls, airports provide convenient Internet access to, by using a VPN, your online traffic is encrypted which means that you can freely visit any websites including personal banking sites and other sites that contain confidential information, in complete security.

Telecommunications in the United Arab Emirates are under the control and supervision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) established under the Federal Law of the United Arab Emirates. The use of VPNs is legal for companies in the UAE since 2016, clarified by the regulatory body of TRA, but any misuse of this technology will lead to legal accountability.

“There are no regulations which prevent the use of VPN technology by companies, institutions and banks to access their internal networks through the internet. However, business users can be held accountable, like the use of any other technology, if it has been misused,” says in the statement.

In brief, it’s legal if you use VPNs in a legal way. If you’re using it for “criminal purposes,” it’s definitely illegal and it will certainly put you in a very bad situation. More specifically, you need a really safe VPN for use in the UAE with the highest-grade encryption.

Can I use a free VPN?

People are tempted to use products that are free You had better put cybersecurity in safe hands, therefore, just try to avoid free services in your digital space. With such severe restrictions and internet censorship in the UAE, online privacy, protection and online anonymity are considered to be the most important function a VPN has to provide. Here are three reasons why a free VPN should not be used in the UAE.

1. Security Protection: Low Standard

To make the cost as low as possible, free VPN service providers prefer to implement low-grade encryption technology that is easy to crack.

2. Inevitable Malware

According to an Australian survey, nearly 60% of the free VPNs have malware bundled into their software. Malware can cause irreparable damage to the computer network, servers, clients or devices.

3. Limited Bandwidth and Servers

Free VPNs limit your bandwidth and speed, which makes it incredibly slow when you surf the web. Moreover, it limits your choice of servers, you might not be able to unblock websites when connecting to their free VPN server.

What is the best VPN for UAE?

Best one is always the one in your need. The thing is, even the most expensive one may not offer you the right service. What we recommend here is the safest VPN for use in the UAE.

RitaVPN- Secure your network connection


Free trial periods and 7-day money-back guarantee

Try a product without worrying your money is out of pocket. Sometimes, people who are using the same product could have totally different experience due to various needs, IPS, locations etc. RitaVPN provides free trial service and money-back guarantee so that you can save a lot of troubles.

Strict Zero-Login Policy

On the login page of RitaVPN, you can easily reach the Terms and Privacy Policy. According to the 2.12th clause of it, it guarantees no logs of users’ activities, and private data are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.

Best-in-class Encryption Tech

A reliable VPN is equipped with strong encryption. Encryption is one of the most common ways to protect sensitive data. The higher level of encryption a VPN provider offers, the more security features they provide. RitaVPN uses AES-256(Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit ) that has a key length of 256 bits, supports the largest bit size and is virtually unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard. 

DNS Leak Protection

DNS leak means that your DNS requests to be revealed to ISP DNS servers, despite the use of a VPN service to attempt to conceal them. RitaVPN has a built-in DNS leak protection to prevent DNS servers sending unencrypted queries outside a safe VPN tunnel or directly to the ISP that’s eavesdropping on your traffic. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your confidential information leaking and being intercepted by a third party.


RitaVPN is equipped with a killswitch that can automatically stop all network traffic if the VPN connection suddenly drops. In this way, the user’s real IP will not be discovered and lead to data leaks.

Affordable VPN Service

Expensive VPNs spent tons on marketing may be the reason they are costly. RitaVPN does not charge more than the average price with their safest technology. It even provides a more flexible pricing plan for users.


Overall, the VPN you use should have features mentioned above to ensure safety use. What we recommend here is RitaVPN. RitaVPN is equipped with the highest grade of the encryption, what’s more, it also implements a built-in killswitch and DNS leak protection on the apps. It is said the safest VPN according to customers reviews. Also, it passes all the DNS leak tests and very easy to use. With the safest service you can get, it’s free and also provides unlimited bandwidth for users. You can’t miss this great VPN!


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