5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Summer = more free time for children. More free time for children Screen time = potential for problems. Of course, not all children will accidentally or deliberately end up in dangerous places, but the potential is slightly greater in summer. So, what can you do? We have recommended installing filtering software before, and this is a great option, but there are a few other things you can do every day.

1.Set limits.

Limiting your child’s online time reduces the likelihood of it encountering something it should not. Think in advance how much screen time you plan on a day, and share this information with your child. This screen time tracker and these screen timetables will help.

2. Check the history.

You should make a habit of checking your child’s online ad history. Here’s how it’s done. You can do this on all devices – computers, iPads and cell phones. If the history has been deleted or set to Private, casually ask your child about it.If the history has been deleted or set to Private, casually ask your child about it.

3. Know Passwords.

Make it clear to your children that they need their passwords for all their devices and for all their social media sites. If you have the passwords, check these websites regularly to determine what your child sees and publishes.

4. Get ready for the worst.

Hopefully, your child will not accidentally come across anything unpleasant, but you still want to prepare for “just in case”.Author and physician Meg Meeker suggests saying something like, “First, I want you to know that it’s not your fault that this has turned up on your computer. Unfortunately, there are some bad things on the internet. But now that you have seen it, we can talk about what you should do when it happens again. If you see inappropriate things on your computer, close the screen as soon as possible. And do not look for such things. If you do, it may lead you to a dark path. If you see inappropriate things on your computer, close the screen as soon as possible.

5. Use a Virtual Private Network!

Having access to a VPN is an essential key to keeping yourself protected online. Using a VPN will keep your traffic encrypted and safe from prying eyes – this is especially important to have when using public wifi. Don’t have a VPN yet? We have a nice one you can try! VPN DOWNLOAD

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